Production of this site allows me to indulge my interests in folk music and website design. There is no commercial motive. The website aims to publicise folk and acoustic clubs and events within 15 miles (or thereabouts - as the proverbial crow flies) of the centre of Stockport. This may seem an arbitrary distance but I don’t want the area to become too large to become unwieldy. There are some links to clubs ‘further afield’ than the mapped area and my arbitrary criterion here is that they should be within one hour’s drive from the Pyramid. Stockport Pyramid is a notable landmark, a distinctive glass and steel structure built beside the M60 motorway. This is where the website name came from. There are other sites which cover the same area (and more), but my aim is to provide any easily navigable guide which is maintained with up-to-date information. Some clubs and events publicise themselves using Facebook but many people do not wish to subscribe to this organisation. Facebook postings also tend to sink as other posts sit on them. This website will provide links to Facebook pages only when there is no alternative. Please help by notifying me if any of the links provided cease to work the website does not appear to be working correctly on the device you are using any of the information is incorrect any clubs cease to run or new ones start you have any folk related event you wish to publicise You can also help by passing on the web-address ( to anyone who might find it useful.
What’s this site all about?